Tales of Mexico

Released in Mexico as La Habitación, this omnibus film (2016) unfolds in the same grand house in Mexico City over the course of a hundred years, with eight chronological episodes directed by as many people. None of the contributors leaves any noticeable stamp on the material, and the individual episodes—touching on the Mexican Revolution, harassment of Chinese immigrants in the 1930s, the Tlatelolco massacre of street protesters in 1968, and so forth—are edited together with tricky, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it jump cuts. The characters’ concerns never gain traction despite carrying over from one episode to another; the most vivid character here is the house itself, a 19th-century beauty gradually rehabbed into anonymity and chopped up into crummy apartments. Maria Diego Hernandez wrote the script; among the directors were Carlos Carrera (The Crime of Father Amaro) and Carlos Bolado (Only God Knows). In Spanish with subtitles.