Shot in 8-millimeter and screening by video projection, this 12-film program of cutout animations by Lewis Klahr recycles images from the past, both personal and cultural, to create an eerie inner landscape not easily forgotten. Many of the works appropriate advertising images from the postwar era, yet there’s an impressive variety of materials and themes: in Lost Camel Intentions (1988) a plane crash leaves a skeletal survivor trudging endlessly across desert sands; in For the Rest of Your Natural Life (1988) a prison sentence is vividly translated into three-dimensional space with cagelike meshes that separate the camera lens from the figures behind them; in Hi-Fi Cadets (1989) President Kennedy goes on an alcoholic bender in an African-American tavern; and in Elevator Music (1991) crudely explicit sexual images give way to idyllic suburban vistas. Klahr’s soundtracks sometimes make ironic use of white-bread pop music, but more often they feature ambient noise (wind blowing, engines humming, crickets chirping) that help pull the mass-media visuals into his particular dream world. 131 min.