Iranian filmmaker Rakhshan Bani-Etemad revisits characters and themes from two previous features, Gilane (2004) and Under the Skin of the City (2001), with this elegiac series of stories that are poignantly, if not always seamlessly, connected. Set in contemporary Iran, the narrative moves through the lives of several working-class people dealing with a variety of societal issues: drug addiction, domestic violence, prostitution, and obstruction of workers’ rights, to name a few. The film (2014) works better in vignettes than as a whole, and the use of a documentary filmmaker to tie all the stories together and comment on society’s ills is too facile. But several of the more minor characters’ interactions are searing, from a corrupt government official humiliating a retiree who’s been denied health-care coverage to an abusive drug addict bawling to his wife from the other side of a closed door, “I don’t have anyone but you.” In Persian with subtitles.