This low-budget gore-fest (2005) feels quaint: it has plenty of gruesome moments for the bloodthirsty, but they rely more on makeup and prosthetics than special effects. Resembling a B-grade brunette version of Reese Witherspoon (but with better legs), steel-jawed Jenna Dewan plays the title character, a mousy, occult-obsessed high school nerd who’s accidentally killed by her classmates. When she returns from the dead as a comely vixen, she takes revenge on her tormentors through a combo of witchcraft and hips that swivel so hard they nearly pop their sockets. No one in this movie is attractive or talented enough to seem headed for stardom, with the possible exception of Chad Faust (Saved!) as an LA hipster transplanted to the midwest. Jeremy Haft directed; Final Destination franchise writer Jeffrey Riddick scripted.