Tango Glories

A lonely psychiatrist comes out of his shell as he pieces together the history of his institution’s most mysterious patient, an 85-year-old man who speaks only in lyrics to old tango songs. This sweet-tempered Argentinean drama (2013) strains credulity at every turn, but that seems wholly intentional—the movie is as much about the pleasure of getting lost in a story as about the story itself. Oliver Kolker’s script employs an extravagant structure, weaving together the old man’s past and present, and revels in character eccentricities. The literary conceits develop gracefully, thanks in part to the uniformly buoyant performances; as in the films of fellow Argentinean Eliseo Subiela (Man Facing Southeast), everyone onscreen seems enlivened by the knowledge that he’s a character in a story. Kolker and Hernan Findling directed. In Spanish with subtitles.