Matt Stone and Trey Parker delivered one of the most lacerating social satires of the 90s with their animated feature South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. But as pundits and politicians never tire of pointing out, 9/11 changed everything, and this eagerly awaited follow-up, a marionette adventure like the old Thunderbirds TV show, could have been scripted by Donald Rumsfeld. An elite squad of fighter pilots blasts off from a secret base inside Mount Rushmore to foil a global terror plot by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who’s enlisted the help of liberal dupes Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and other members of the Film Actors Guild (FAG). This is hysterically funny in parts, but most of the laughs are raunchy or scatological—always a sure bet when puppets are involved. Stone and Parker try to dish it out left, right, and center, though the subversion of Bigger, Longer & Uncut has given way to a cheap militaristic fatalism.