The fathomless yearning of teenage girls often gets short shrift, especially when their desire intertwines with art. Thankfully, the writing-directing debut of actor Max Minghella validates one girl’s passion for music as more than essential to her being: it is her lifeblood. A 17-year-old (Elle Fanning) who lives on the Isle of Wight with her Polish immigrant mother enters a British singing competition and quickly advances through the rounds. She meets an alcoholic ex-opera singer (Zlatko Burić) who becomes her manager, and they forge a bond that is improbably sweet. But more than the sterling performances and Fanning’s clarion voice, it’s the film’s visual language that sticks. When the teen performs, there are no reaction shots. It’s her world the viewer enters, and cinematographer Autumn Durald lenses it beautifully. Vivid colors and shimmering light communicate the singer’s frissons and invite her audience to feel them, too.