Tell Me When (original title Dime Cuándo Tú) takes the familiar romantic comedy to new locations. The film focuses on Will (Jesús Zavala), a workaholic who’s let life pass him by, as he embarks on an adventure to discover his roots. After his grandfather’s passing, Will leaves his monotonous life in Los Angeles behind, where his grandparents raised Will after his parents’ death, and takes off for Mexico City. Once there, Will fumbles through his self-discovery against an incredibly picturesque backdrop featuring some of the city’s most iconic sites before eventually falling for his captivating friend Dani (Ximena Romo). The chemistry is admittedly lacking, but it also rings true. Will is, after all, only just breaking free from a work-induced arrested development. To expect him to be the ultimate dashing lead seems foolish, no? Give it a go for a charming and clumsy look at loss, love, and life.