In this southern-fried rehash of David Fincher’s Seven (1995), two mismatched police detectives track a fiendish serial killer around the bayou as he taunts and toys with them. One of the cops (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a New York City transplant who prays over the mutilated bodies of the victims; the other (Sam Worthington) is a local boy who tells him, “This place is nothing but chaos! Your God don’t even come down here!” Anyway, you get the idea. Michael Mann was one of the producers, and his daughter Ami Canaan Mann directed; a couple more Manns fill out the credits, which makes you wonder why they couldn’t just have a nice picnic and softball game at a state park somewhere. With Chloe Grace Moretz, Sheryl Lee, Stephen Graham, and—in her fifth release this year—Jessica Chastain.