Onur Tukel’s latest film takes a page—or several—out of the pretentious art school handbook. Shot in black and white, spoken in French, and set in Brooklyn, That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes feels much more interested in how it will play to the NYU Tisch crowd than the actual mystery it is trying to unfold. The film follows down-on-his-luck Leonard (Franck Raharinosy)—who is already lacking in stability as he finds himself on the brink of losing his job, his girlfriend, and his home—as he starts to be consumed by surreal visions. That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes gets too caught up in its own tropes for the most part: pervy photographers, creepy clowns, and roped-up models seductively covered in chocolate syrup for the sake of art to boot. As a result, the film doesn’t have a lot to say about the distortion its protagonist is facing and the potential answers that lie in the heart of the city. By the time the hallucinatory mystery reaches a climax, it’s far too late to establish any semblance of emotional resonance. 92 min.

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