That Summer

Apparently there’s no limit to public fascination with “Big Edie” Bouvier Beale and her daughter, “Little Edie,” eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Onassis who spent years living in squalor in their dilapidated mansion in East Hampton. First told in the David and Albert Maysles documentary Grey Gardens (1975), the women’s sad story has since been turned into a play, an HBO movie, and a Broadway musical. Albert Maysles used outtakes from the first documentary to create a quick-buck sequel, The Beales of Grey Gardens (2006), and now photographer Peter Beard has coughed up four reels of color footage of the Beales that were shot by the Maysles brothers in 1972 for a documentary about the Hamptons that never saw daylight. Most of the footage shows Little Edie pirouetting around the women’s ratty, junk-filled home, trying out the Blanche DuBois routine she would use to full effect when the brothers, knowing a good freak show when they saw one, came back for more. Göran Hugo Olsson directed.