The 33

This watchable, straightforward drama recounts the 2010 disaster at the San Jose mine in Chile, which trapped 33 men underground for 69 days and focused the world’s attention on the exploitation of miners (for 69 days, anyway). Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips, both good, anchor the drama underground, as the men panic, rage, and ultimately band together; aboveground, Rodrigo Santoro is appealing as the Chilean minister of mining, who’s charged with rescuing the men. The international casting of Hispanic roles (Juliette Binoche as the fiery sister of a lost miner, American character actor Bob Gunton as President Sebastián Piñera) undercuts the sense of authenticity, but then, the disaster was such a ready-made cable-news extravaganza that it was being turned into a movie even as it happened. Patricia Riggen directed; the source material was Hector Tobar’s book Deep Down Dark. In English and subtitled Spanish.