Flashbacks scattered throughout this crime thriller show an autistic boy being harshly raised by a military father; years later the child, a mathematical savant, has grown up into a “black money” specialist for various underworld figures and also a trained killer (he compulsively finishes off every victim with a double head shot). Ben Affleck abandons his usual charm and swagger to play the accountant, who habitually mutters and averts his eyes; with the Treasury Department after him, he takes a straight gig auditing a robotics company, but the new job proves even more perilous. For an action picture, this is uncommonly crafty and observant, offering rich supporting roles to J.K. Simmons as a cowardly Treasury agent and John Lithgow as the corrupt head of the firm. The gallows humor is nicely pitched, and no movie has ever done more with the stock character of a comical hit man (nicely played by Jon Bernthal). Gavin O’Connor directed a script by Bill Dubuque; with Anna Kendrick and Jeffrey Tambor.