Instead of furthering the thoughtful examination of generational politics at the heart of his 2003 film The Barbarian Invasions, Canadian Denys Arcand reverts to facile satire in this glossy tale about a Walter Mitty-ish civil servant (Marc Labreche). Saddled with a wife and children who spend the bulk of their time glued to cell phones or video games and a job that basically entails denying disaster victims government assistance, the numbed bureaucrat escapes by indulging in elaborate revenge and sexual fantasies. Arcand’s attempts to expose the soul-deadening shallowness of modern culture fall flat; the intended targets are much too easy (the frequent skewering of “political correctness” feels about ten years out of date), and there’s a glib quality to the whole project that belies its ambition. In French with subtitles. 109 min.