What is most evident and fascinating about this documentary following the “farewell tour” of its titular comic-magician is the inexperience of its director, Ben Berman. Previously, Berman had only directed television and comedic shorts, and the fact that this shows in his shaky handling of a new medium works both for and against him. A more savvy documentarian probably would have precluded or circumnavigated the manipulations of a subject like Johnathan, aka John Edward Szeles, the “amazing” provocateur who asked multiple documentary crews to follow him in the wake of his announcement, in 2014, that he had one year to live. Cut to 2017, and Berman is shocked to discover that he’s far down the list of people making a movie about Szeles, though his film is at its least interesting when he’s wallowing in self-pity about this. It’s not until Berman dives deeper, questioning his motivations to pursue the subject matter and testing the ethical limits of narrative nonfiction, that his doc makes a persuasive case for existing. It is odd and arguably antithetical to the purposes of documentary filmmaking that the director reveals much more about himself than his subject. Nevertheless, Berman pulls off a neat trick with the cards he’s dealt. In the end, even Szeles is surprised.