George Clooney produced and stars in this international spy thriller, which he probably thought of as existential but which registers
onscreen as a giant bore. He plays an American weapons expert hiding out in Sweden, where his unsuspecting squeeze winds up dead after they’re located by enemy agents; the hero flees to Italy and holes up in a picturesque mountain village in Abruzzo, awaiting instructions from his impressively craggy superior (Johan Leysen) and aching for human connection. The fact that he can find it only with a gorgeous whore (Violante Placido) and a wise old Catholic priest (Paolo Bonacelli) is pretty funny, now that I think of it. Adapted from a novel by Martin Booth, the screenplay purposely obscures the hero’s mission and sponsors and why someone’s out to get him, the better to simulate a sense of spiritual crisis. Director Anton Corbijn is best known for Control, the biopic of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. In English and subtitled Italian.