When a radio astronomer (Charlie Sheen) receives a transmission from space and nobody at NASA wants to hear about it, he and a global-warming researcher (Lindsay Crouse) converge in central Mexico, where extraterrestrials disguised as humans are waiting to adapt our planet for their own purposes. Writer-director David Twohy, best known for his work as a writer on The Fugitive, Alien , and Waterworld, has a creepy notion or two up his sleeve and loads of free-floating paranoia to exploit, but either no idea of how to cut a film or no power to resist the recutting of others. Either way, this is a collection of bits and pieces that never manages to gather any momentum. Another problem is Sheen, who looks so bug-eyed at times that he seems to be trying to gross out the aliens. With Ron Silver (creepier than usual), Teri Polo, Richard Schiff, and Tony T. Johnson.