The controversy over stem cell research informs this 2008 Canadian mockumentary about married lesbians (Angela Vint and Megan Fahlenbock) who make news as the first women to conceive alone, using their own cells to fertilize their eggs. Alas, the comedy proves to be even shakier than the science: the low-key leads get the movie off to a slow start and sap any momentum generated by the arrival of their dysfunctional in-laws. As Fahlenbock’s two gay dads, Hal Eisen and Michael Hanrahan give the liveliest performances; as Vint’s mother, Rosemary Dunsmore manages to turn her homophobic Christian character into something more than a stereotype. Once the comic possibilities have been exhausted, the story sours with a detour into Alzheimer’s disease and suicide and a gratuitous slam against Israel. Veteran stunt woman Alison Reid directed. 82 min.