In this romantic comedy, a remake of the 1925 Buster Keaton movie Seven Chances, Jimmy (Chris O’Donnell) has 24 hours to get married if he wants to fulfill the terms of his grandfather’s will and inherit $100 million—and viewers have almost two hours to become thoroughly disgusted. To justify a happy ending without making the characters strictly mercenary, the movie vaguely suggests that the family business will go under and employees will lose their jobs if Jimmy doesn’t meet the challenge. He and his cronies are portrayed as if there were only two types of men—the marrying kind and the other kind. But except for an iconic castrating bitch who lacks modesty and maternal instincts (Brooke Shields), every woman in the movie—and there are hundreds, maybe thousands—is the marrying kind. After several of them accuse Jimmy of prejudice, he instantly becomes a sensitive guy, sheepishly conceding that he prefers blonds—just in time to marry one. Gary Sinyor directed a screenplay by Steve Cohen.