Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn whoop it up in this big-screen sitcom about two notorious LA groupies reunited after 20 years. Hawn, a blowsy bartender who’s still rocking, loses her job and sets out to find her old pal, now an uptight wife and mother in Phoenix; along the way she picks up Geoffrey Rush, a persnickety failed writer who announces he’s going home to kill his father. This is the directorial debut of Bob Dolman, who got his start scripting WKRP in Cincinnati, and as one might expect, he handles the comic material with aplomb and falls on his face whenever the story turns serious. Yet the conflict between Hawn, who prizes her freedom, and Sarandon, who values her family, is pretty rich; it reminded me of the friendship between Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft in The Turning Point—though in this case the women have bonded not through ballet but through humping Frank Zappa. 94 min.