Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert, who worked on the memorable storybook adaptation Ernest & Celestine (2012), directed this French animated feature, which shares the earlier film’s gentle tone and inclusive humor. The artisanal 2-D animation is refreshingly simple compared with most recent animated fare—the filmmakers don’t try to impress viewers with complicated, extraneous details, but focus on storytelling and character design. Likewise, the comedy doesn’t rely on pop-culture references or pointless innuendos, but rather sight gags and intercharacter patter reminiscent of vaudeville routines and classic Looney Tunes. This film consists of three short stories that take place around a farm; the second and best, about an nebbishy fox who inadvertently becomes the adopted parent to three baby chicks, epitomizes the film’s winning message of the universal need for companionship. This is ideal viewing for young children, though animation fans of all ages should find much to admire.