Kumail Nanjiani, best known for his role on HBO’s Silicon Valley, collaborated with his wife, Emily V. Gordon, on the script for this semiautobiographical rom-com, dramatizing his Pakistani-American parents’ opposition to their mixed-race romance and her battle against an infection that ultimately landed her in a medically induced coma. Directed by Michael Showalter (Hello, My Name Is Doris), the movie chugs along on the chemistry between Nanjiani, acquitting himself well as a droll leading man, and Zoe Kazan as his sunny, devoted sweetheart, though they’re completely upstaged by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano as the girlfriend’s parents, who arrive on the scene to keep watch over their stricken daughter and whose fractious but enduring marriage offers the boyfriend an object lesson. In keeping with the latest trend, Nanjiani’s character is a stand-up comedian, but the movie’s cleverest lines come from Aidy Bryant and Bo Burnham as two of his performing buddies.