Documentary maker Rich Fox lifts the veil on Blackout, described in the movie’s press materials as an “extreme immersive horror experience” and a “terrifying, psycho-sexual thrill-ride designed to play on our deepest psychological fears.” Onscreen this involves various LA nerds signing up online for a sort of personalized haunted-house tour and showing up at an anonymous storefront where they’re yanked inside, tied up, and terrorized before being ejected back out onto the pavement with no explanation. In keeping with the movie’s hype, the participants provide plenty of heavy breathing about the darkness within, though when the mysterious organizers, a couple of young theater types, finally sit for an on-camera interview, their idea of what it’s all about seems pretty vague. Essentially their “experiment” tests the hypothesis of whether people in Los Angeles would like to star in a movie. And guess what? They would.