The Bourne Identity (2002) turned on the novel premise of an amnesiac man gradually figuring out that he’s a $30 million CIA killing machine, now operating off the grid and hunted by company assassins; The Bourne Supremacy (2004) wrung some additional drama from the guilt-ridden Jason Bourne trying to make peace with his victims’ survivors. This adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s third and last Bourne thriller doesn’t have much story left, so director Paul Greengrass has to keep it moving all the time, putting Matt Damon through endless car and foot chases and taking to a dizzying extreme his signature style of handheld camera, lurching zooms, whiplash pans, and second-to-second editing. Joan Allen and Julia Stiles return as CIA operatives sympathetic to Bourne; David Strathairn and Albert Finney are the latest set of sinister black-ops guys, who want the Bourne situation “tied off,” as the euphemism goes. PG-13, 111 min.