The Boy Behind the Door makes space for a heartwarming friendship in an otherwise harrowing horror story. The only thing that offers a semblance of respite in first-time feature filmmakers David Charbonier and Justin Powell’s bone-chilling film is the bond between tweens Bobby (Lonnie Chavis) and Kevin (Ezra Dewey). When they are abducted and taken to a remote location, Bobby manages to escape, but instead of running for his life, he’s compelled by Kevin’s screams to turn back and try to rescue his best friend. Moving undetected through a house of horrors, each step Bobby takes is truly more terrifying than the last, both because of the maze-like setting and Bobby’s adolescent clumsiness, which threatens to reveal his presence to the homeowners. The suspension this creates is interspersed with unnerving violence, which supports the kidnappers’ unconscionable motive, solidifying that absolutely no one, especially not the children, is safe.