The Boy Next Door

You can read this review of the new Jennifer Lopez vehicle, or you can take the word of the woman I passed in the lobby after the preview, who was drawing a small crowd with her exclamations of “Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!” She’s right, though I would probably add a few more horribles. The story is a gender inversion of Fatal Attraction (1987), filtered through a few recent scandals in which female high school teachers were caught fooling around with male students: the heroine (Lopez) is seduced by a charming hunk (Ryan Guzman) who’s just transferred to her school, but he turns psycho on her when she rejects his subsequent advances. The ragged corrective editing gives a good indication of how badly this thing went off track during production; I haven’t seen a bigger mess in wide release since Dana Carvey’s career-terminating The Master of Disguise (2002). Rob Cohen directed; with Kristin Chenoweth and John Corbett.