The most refreshing thing about this dialogue-free comedy (a coproduction between Germany and Azerbaijan) is that it doesn’t slavishly invoke movies of the silent era a la The Artist. In fact, sound plays a big role in the film—there’s usually some machine clanking or music playing—leading one to realize how much we hear in the world has nothing to do with language. The slender narrative concerns an aging train conductor in a small mountain community (Emir Kusturica regular Miki Manojlovic) whose engine crosses a clothesline one day and picks up a stray bra. Terminally lonely, the conductor embarks on a mission to find the item’s owner to give himself something to do. What follows is basically a series of variations on the same joke—the shy gentleman finding himself in an intimate position with one strange woman after another—but cowriter-director Veit Helmer generates enough interesting sight gags to keep this from getting monotonous. With Denis Lavant and Paz Vega.