Adapted from Federico García Lorca’s play Blood Wedding, this impeccably tasteful bodice-ripper from Spain (2015) opens with a scene of three children lying together in the grass: a boy and a girl who adore each other, and another boy who’s the odd man out. After a blood feud between the boys’ families erupts into multiple murders, the friends are separated and the heroine (Inma Cuesta) winds up marrying the wrong guy, but years later her true love, now a lanky hunk with flowing black hair (Álex García), comes back into her life. A stirring score ennobles the characters’ volcanic emotions, and the scenes of vicious knife play unfold in slow motion so they’ll seem more poetic. The best moment has to be when the heroine admires her own naked bust in a bedroom mirror and director Paula Ortiz cuts to a snorting, bucking black stallion in an electrical storm. Be still my heart! In Spanish with subtitles.