Melissa Rauch of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is nearly unrecognizable as a former Olympic gymnast, whose vile personality turns this attempt at satire into an endurance test. Her character, a spoiled brat pushing 30, lives at home with her postman father (poor Gary Cole) because she’s too obsessed with her glory days as a teenage bronze medalist to get a job. When circumstances impel her to coach a rising young star (Haley Lu Richardson) whose talent and cuteness impinge upon her own status as a local celebrity, high jinks ensue—most of them cruel, none of them funny. This indie comedy could have been a brutal yet endearing midwestern cult classic a la Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), but instead it’s petty and repulsive. Bryan Buckley directed a script by Rauch and her husband, Winston; with Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan, and Cecily Strong.