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A homeless schizophrenic (Samuel L. Jackson) in Central Park stumbles across a serial killer’s latest victim and turns sleuth after a psychotic episode convinces him that the murders are part of a conspiracy orchestrated by a mysterious force emanating from atop the Chrysler Building. Taking advantage of his past reputation as a piano prodigy and his remarkable ability to turn off his paranoid delusions at will, he infiltrates the artistic circle of a famous photographer (Colm Feore) who may be the culprit. Kasi Lemmons (Eve’s Bayou) directed this tepid thriller, whose only genuinely creepy aspect is its cavalier and uninformed use of mental illness and classical music to heighten the meager suspense; stripped of its overbaked hallucination sequences (featuring lots of filter effects and undulating nude men wearing moth wings), it would be hard to distinguish from crime-and-punishment dramas on network TV. 105 min.