Easily the best cop thriller since The Departed, this 2008 Korean import is the debut feature of Na Hong-jin, who demonstrates such mastery of suspense mechanics that he earns the right to flirt with irony and even—dare I say it—tragedy. The noirish hero (Kim Yun-seok) is a former police detective now making his living as a pimp; when one of his prostitutes (Seo Yeong-hie) is kidnapped by a serial killer (Ha Jung-woo), the pimp manages to deliver him to the authorities, though lack of evidence may force them to release the suspect before his intended victim can be rescued. Meanwhile, the news media are up in arms because an irate citizen threw a handful of shit in the mayor’s face during a public appearance, which turns out to be of greater importance to the department than a woman’s life. In Korean with subtitles.