In the near future, a young woman (Emma Watson) goes to work for a Google-like corporation that aims to collect data on every person on the planet; as pet employee of the enigmatic CEO (Tom Hanks), she ultimately becomes the face of the company, little realizing she has to sacrifice her privacy in the process. I haven’t read the Dave Eggers novel on which this flat thriller is based, though I can’t imagine it races through the story the way the movie does. Director James Ponsoldt (who adapted the book with Eggers) barely develops any character besides Watson’s, piling on narrative complications instead. The film introduces some compelling ideas about how the Internet has transformed public and private life, yet it doesn’t spend much time developing these either. This is the rare failure that might have been improved by a longer running time. With Patton Oswalt, Bill Paxton, and Ellar Coltrane.