A demonic performance from Guillermo Francella anchors this 2015 Argentinian drama about the Puccio clan, a family of seven who were implicated in a series of fatal kidnappings in the 1980s. As the patriarch, Francella has a pair of baby blues that would freeze water, and the father’s emotional flaying of his eldest son, played by Peter Lanzani, is hard to watch. In fact the children—two boys and three girls—seem like captives themselves, roped into their father’s schemes and forced to navigate his volcanic temper. The movie faithfully recounts the four known cases involving the family, which makes for a relatively flat story arc, and Lanzani, the only dramatic counterweight to Francella, is such a nebulous presence that the conflict between them lacks tension. For some obscure reason the Kinks’ “Sunny Afternoon” figures prominently on the soundtrack. Pablo Trapero directed. In Spanish with subtitles.