An old witticism goes something like this: the French are funny, and sex is funny, so how come French sex comedies aren’t funny? This one is. It’s also sweet and thoughtful, as it exploits cliches about latent homosexuality and political correctness—though its themes are going to date it really quickly. Daniel Auteuil plays a divorcé who’s so pathetic even he’s beginning to realize it; as the story opens, he ends up outside the frame line of the company photo—a sign that he’s about to lose his job. He works at a latex factory—yes, they make condoms—where he’s advised by a wistful retired corporate psychologist to spread the rumor that he’s gay. Meanwhile, the company homophobe, supplely played by Gerard Depardieu, is receiving sensitivity training. Written and directed by Francis Veber; with Michel Aumont. In French with subtitles. 85 min.