Courtesy Hulu

The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For takes viewers back in time to reveal the tragedy behind the once trendy brand. Chronicling the true story of the rise and fall of Von Dutch, the documentary relies on a compelling cast of characters. From Venice Beach surfers to gangsters to European garmentos to the celebrities that viewers will remember donning the goofy trucker caps, each talking head helps illuminate how Von Dutch went from obscure to inescapable. Spoiler: It wasn’t just great marketing. Told in three hour-long episodes, The Curse of Von Dutch shares an almost unbelievable story involving money laundering, murder, and more. Each absurd account adds to the twists and turns, treating viewers to a wild ride bringing them closer to an understanding of the brand that’s more faithful to the original artist’s ethos and leaving them thinking about Von Dutch as infamous rather than iconic. Three hour-long episodes