A silver-fox congressman running for governor (Richard Gere) and his sharp-edged young wife (Rebecca Hall) meet for dinner at an exclusive restaurant with the congressman’s dyspeptic brother (Steve Coogan) and his spouse (Laura Linney) to discuss their respective sons, who are friends and face trouble with the law. The premise for this chamber drama is inherently suspenseful, but not enough to sustain a movie so languorous that its chapters are demarcated by the various dinner courses, from aperitif to dessert. (After an hour I felt like loosening my belt.) The fraternal conflict grows increasingly murky as the brothers pull up their family baggage, and Coogan, saddled with a relentlessly sour and self-pitying character, retreats into his practiced American accent. Oren Moverman—whose previous collaboration with Gere, Time Out of Mind, far surpasses this one—directed his own script, adapting a novel by Herman Koch.