Japanese actress Nobuko Otowa appeared in numerous films written and directed by her husband, Kaneto Shindo, and this 1954 drama offers one of her wilder performances, as a mugging, simpleminded prostitute in a town so destitute that women scramble to collect coal as it falls off passing freight trains. A working man heading for the local foundry finds her lying in a ditch in a polka-dot kimono moaning for food, and tosses her some bread; eventually she insinuates herself into his little community, hovering around the main action as the foundry workers go on strike and a real estate speculator connives to get their homes so he can build a racetrack. There’s a pantomimic quality to much of the action, and Otawa plays the addled prostitute with a kabuki broadness that helps Kaneto put across the high melodrama of her sorry end. In Japanese with subtitles.