Otto Bell makes an impressive directing debut with this stirring documentary, about a 13-year-old Kazakh girl who becomes the first eagle huntress in 12 generations of her family and only the second competing huntress in the modern history of Kazakhstan. The centuries-old sport, though traditionally passed from father to son, is a natural fit for the irrepressible teen, the youngest and first female entrant in her community’s annual Golden Eagle competition. Her father is supportive, but many others are not. The theme of modernity encroaching on tradition is intriguing in itself; factor in the feel-good story, Bell’s bracing cinematography, and his meticulous observance of the villagers’ customs and environments—from the intricacies of their dwellings to the snowy crags of the mountains that surround them—and the film becomes a multilayered exploration of dignity, perseverance, and progress. Daisy Ridley, of Star Wars fame, narrates. In English and subtitled Kazakh.