Filmmakers Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt chronicle the three-year struggle of Shelby Knox, a remarkably tenacious high school student, as she attempts to force the Lubbock, Texas, public schools to implement a basic sex-education program. An evangelical Christian with Republican parents, Knox becomes troubled by Lubbock’s “abstinence only” approach to sex education in light of the city’s high rate of teenage pregnancies and STDs. Her activism draws the ire of much of the community, including local politicians and her prominent Baptist minister; hackles really get raised when she decides to support a gay-straight alliance group in her school. This would have been a stronger work had the filmmakers more fully explored how Knox arrived at her convictions in light of her deeply conservative Christian roots. Still, it’s pretty eye-opening, and it’s hard not to be awed by her determination and resilience. 76 min.