A surrealist program that starts off with Man Ray’s 1929 short Les mysteres du Chateau du De before proceeding to the main course: a work comprising one-minute films by more than 20 Chicago artists, each made without thematic restrictions, shown back-to-back. The participating artists include Susan Anderson, Tatsu Aoki, Dan Dinello, Laurie Dunphy, Carolyn Faber, Suzanne Fairfax, Shellie Fleming, Dennis Frank, Paula Froehle, Arianna Gerstein, Lee Gerstein, Mark Hubert, Kathy Jacobi, Carolyn McCartney, Ulli Reichhold, Ito Ryosuke, David E. Simpson, Ines Sommer, Zack Stiglicz, Tina Wasserman, Francis Smith, Johnny White, Sheri Wills, and Ford Wright.