Physical comedy is so rare in movies now that a team like Bruno Romy, Fiona Gordon, and Dominique Abel is something to be treasured—their Belgian features (L’Iceberg, Rumba) teem with deft slapstick and clever sight gags, skillfully directed and often gut-laugh funny. This 2011 fantasy stars Abel as a put-upon hotel clerk and Gordon as the title sprite, who offers to grant him three wishes (when he asks for a scooter and a lifetime supply of gas, she delivers the motorbike and the key to a gigantic petroleum silo). Largely free of dialogue, the movie meanders from one comic idea to the next, which makes you appreciate how carefully silent clowns like Chaplin and Keaton constructed their stories. But there are some great set pieces here, like the sequence in which Gordon, preparing for a date, trades clothes with a mannequin in a store window and puts on her make-up as security guards chase her through the streets. In French with subtitles.