Filmmaker Ellen Perry scored quite a coup when Albert Fujimori, the deposed president of Peru, granted her his first extensive interview since fleeing to Japan four years ago as a fugitive wanted by Interpol for corruption, kidnapping, and murder. To her credit, Perry isn’t taken in by Fujimori’s attempts to distance himself from the controversies that plagued his presidency. Helped by Kim Roberts’s excellent editing, she succinctly chronicles his unlikely ascent and subsequent collapse, which was prompted in part by his reliance on his ruthlessly deceptive secret-police chief, Vladimiro Montesinos. The events of his presidency play out like an erratic pageant—particularly when Fujimori’s estranged wife decides to run against him and he retaliates by stripping her of her title as first lady and transferring it to their daughter. In Spanish and Japanese with subtitles. 83 min.