Another one of those self-satisfied low-budget dramas that feel like a standard-issue TV pilot, this vehicle for Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina delivers trite if inoffensive observations about a range of familiar subjects (family, tradition, assimilation), employing a bland “grown-up” aesthetic that never attempts to elicit any subtext from the material. The heroine is a 30-ish aspiring writer who was born in China but has lived in the New York area since she was six years old. When her maternal grandmother gets diagnosed with lung cancer back in China, her extended family arranges a wedding there so everyone can have a chance to see the old woman before she dies. What follows is a series of hackneyed scenes about the different interpersonal relationships within the family, centering on the heroine’s bond with her grandmother. If you’ve never seen a film about Chinese people, you might find the depictions of Chinese family rituals interesting. Lulu Wang directed her own script. In English and subtitled Mandarin.