This nostalgic live-action prequel gives the back story for the relationships of two classic couples. Fred (Mark Addy, who acknowledges his character’s debt to Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden) meets Wilma—a disaffected heiress who’s fled her stifling surroundings and stuffy fiance—and helps her discover her natural talent for bowling. The filmmakers uphold an unfortunate tradition in movies based on TV shows by busily adding superfluous plot elements. But the elaborate scheming of a two-faced villain does get the characters out of Bedrock, and a generic jealousy subplot—Mick Jagged tries to seduce Betty—elicits pouts from Stephen Baldwin, whose dead-on representation of Barney is inspired. Brian Levant directed a screenplay by Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont, Jack Epps Jr., and Jim Cash; with Kristen Johnson, Jane Krakowski, Alan Cumming, and Thomas Gibson. 90 min.