Northwestern’s A&O Films has assembled another 18-hour mind-number, and while strictly speaking there aren’t any B films in the bunch (B movies were produced by the major studios to fill out the bottom halves of double bills), there are more than enough wretchedly impoverished exploitation films to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. Shown end to end, the films are as follows: Quentin Lawrence’s 1958 The Crawling Eye (11:00 pm), Art Nelson’s 1964 The Creeping Terror (12:25 am), Gene Fowler’s 1958 I Married a Monster From Outer Space (1:40 am), Ted Mikels’s 1971 The Corpse Grinders (3:00 am), Gordon Douglas’s 1945 Zombies on Broadway (4:20 am), Del Tenney’s 1964 Horror of Party Beach (5:30 am), Sidney Pink’s 1962 Reptilicus (6:55 am), Don Fields’s 1972 The Curse of Bigfoot (8:20 am), Gennadi Kazansky and Vladimir Chebotaryov’s 1962 The Amphibian Man (9:50 am), Charles Saunders’s 1959 The Woman Eater (11:15 am), Roger Corman’s 1957 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (12:30 pm), and Inoshiro Honda’s 1968 Destroy All Monsters! (1:40 pm). Bon appetit.