Robert Aldrich wrote the original story for this goofy sci-fi item (1956), though ultimately it was produced in the UK, shot on location in Austria, and released back in the U.S. by Columbia Pictures. Two reporters (Paul Douglas and Leslie Phillips), traveling by rail to a music festival in Salzburg, are detached from their train and sidetracked into the tiny democratic republic of Gudavia, where people still wear Tyrolean costumes and a mad doctor holds the town in thrall with sinister gamma-ray experiments. Some of his subjects have become mental prodigies (a merciless blond boy in Hitler Youth togs, an unhappy little girl who hammers away at classical piano pieces), while others have become hollow-eyed, gibbering idiots. The whole thing is pretty stupid, though salted with high camp and vague political allegory. John Gilling directed; with Eva Bartok.