Two teenage brothers and their best pal, left unsupervised by neglectful parents, spend their summer getting stoned in the house that once belonged to the brothers’ late grandfather. Short of spending money, they decide to rent the place to a local drug ring whose members (among them the third boy’s zombie-like older brother) are grotesque caricatures of grown-ups—terrifying, capricious, and bossy. The premise is wafer-thin, but director Bouli Lanners (Eldorado) keeps this Belgian feature funny and lively with his deadpan humor and eccentric sensibility (he substitutes verdant Luxembourg for Belgium). This is essentially a child’s view of the world, which proves problematic whenever Lanners tries to tackle weightier themes; he aims for a European Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but comes uncomfortably close to a human Adventures of Milo & Otis. In French with subtitles.