Inspired by a real-life incident that rocked France in 2004, this tangled drama by Andre Techine (Strayed, Changing Times) stars Emilie Dequenne (Rosetta) as a naive, aimless young woman in suburban Paris who’s seduced online by a small-time crook. After he’s busted, she acts out by claiming she was attacked on a commuter train by thugs who mistook her for a Jew, and her tale ignites a media feeding frenzy. The movie’s first part lingers inordinately on the doomed romance, while the second unravels into various subplots involving the fractious family of a prominent Jewish lawyer (Michel Blanc) engaged to defend the young woman. In the process Techine glosses over the story’s most potent issue: France’s complicated relationship with its Jewish community. With Catherine Deneuve. In French with subtitles.