A homeless young man in New York City (Paul Dano) attempts suicide and winds up in the hospital alongside a grizzled old bar owner with coronary problems (Brian Cox), who takes him in and schools him in his eccentric philosophies. Despite the setting and the English dialogue, this 2009 drama was shot in Rekjavik by Icelandic writer-director Dagur Kari, which may explain why the little bar and its oddball regulars seem like a hermetic world straight out of The Iceman Cometh. Cox has some wonderfully funny moments, but both actors are playing heavily to type—Cox the irascible bull, Dano the soulful dormouse—and there’s a lot of shouting and hurling stuff into the street. Isild Le Besco (A Tout de Suite) shows up late in the movie as a love interest for Dano, before Kari wraps things up with a predictable denouement.