This Danish potboiler is organized around a few nimbly executed plot twists, and like many similarly designed thrillers, it leaves the audience with little to think about once all the surprises have been revealed. It begins when a policeman working in an emergency call center finds himself on the line with a woman who’s been abducted by her estranged husband; the couple is on the road, forcing the cop to use his wits (and a wealth of surveillance technology) to track them down. The film takes place entirely in the call center, and the cop is often the only person onscreen. The premise—with its emphasis on confinement and solitude—cries out for the squarish Academy ratio, but director Gustav Möller shot this in wide-screen for no good reason; the images, all but defined by their wasted space, tend to slacken the tension engendered by the narrative. In Danish with subtitles.